The glass for the lower side panel has been cut and is shown still hanging on the hull. The side is wet with epoxy and the glass is carefully put back in place. I smoothed it out and made sure the fabric was lined up with the edge of the panels.
The fiberglass is being wet out, about half way done in this picture. Another view of the wet fiberglass, almost done. Now the fiberglass is completely wetted out.
A view of the bow. This side is now completely glassed. A wide angle view showing the entire boat. Now it is down to this last piece of fiberglass to finish the hull.
Wetting out the glass. Finally, this side panel is done and this marks a major milestone as the hull is now fiberglassed. Wide angle shot of the glassed hull.
Another wide angle shot in portrait layout. This picture really gives a nice perspective since the shot is off center. A final view of the bow. My next task will be to laminate the transom.

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