Glass for lower side panel is unrolled. Overlap is measured on chine and marked for cutting. The glass is now shown cut to fit LSP with overlap for chine.
Fiberglass is rolled up and the overlap area and wood of the LSP is precoated. View down chine showing epoxy precoat. Another view along the chine.
The fiberglass is put back in place on LSP and wetted out. View from transom showing glass overlap on chine. This picture shows the side fiberglassing. You can see clearly that the bottom edge of the fiberglass edges up nice with the USP overlap.
View of the bow showing LSP glassing and overlap area. A general view of the bottom, you can see the new side glassing on the right side. A view down the chine showing glassing.
Fiberglassing of the other lower side panel. View down the chine towards stern showing glassing of the LSP. This picture shows the fiberglassing of the LSP and the coating of the USP which does not require glass.

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