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The transom has enough putty now that I can start taping the chines. Another view of the chine being taped. More chine taping.
Side profile of the bow showing more chine taping. The first chine is shown taped to the bow. The second layer of tape (staggered) is now able to be applied on the chine. The epoxy is still tacky, so I didn't need to sand it.
Transom/Chine seam shown with two layers of biaxial tape. Closeup of Transom/Chine seam. One chine completely taped from stern to bow.
Both chines are now double taped. I did both layers of tape in one evening.. Both chines completely taped from stern to bow.
Another view of the bow. One more view of the bow. Finally I have started to apply some putty to the keel joint.
Another view of the keel nearly done being filled in. The putty in the keel is now sanded smooth. Since there is a lot of stress on the joints near the bow where everything was pulled in I put in some small fiberglass tabs to lock the bow in place so I can pull the ties out.
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