I'm still not completely done fairing the hull, the other half requires a lot of work. After doing a bit of sanding I thought I would take a break. A few days ago I bought about 48' of shoeing which looked like it would make a nice sprayrail. I mixed up some putty (epoxy & wood flour) and spread it on the contact area. After learning the hard way, I drilled holes in the sprayrail and on through the hull, without drilling the holes the sprayrail would split. This proved to work great, the hardest part now was going to be to create a true mating between the sprayrail and the chine without meandering. Finally, I spread putty between sprayrail and the hull to create a smooth surface that will appear as though I made the chine a shade wider.
I did some light hand sanding of the sprayrail and vicinity. Next I built the area up again with fairing compound, it is becoming less and less obvious when looking at the bottom of the hull that there is a sprayrail installed. The side view clearly shows that this is indeed a sprayrail. After hand sanding I put 120 grit discs on the sander. I went around most of the hull and I could not believe how much more smooth it had become. I've got up to 320 grit discs. Should be plenty smooth after that. Here is the bottom after sanding and fairing compound spread along sprayrail and keel area (to build it up due to so many overlaps of fiberglass.
I had not yet sanded the other bottom half, so I switched discs back down to 60 grit (aggressive). When I finished sanding this down I mixed up a few huge batches of microballoons. Next I applied the fairing compound to the hull side. This is the first coating for this side. Here is a nice view showing a decent amount of work. I had enough microballoons left over in my last batch to spread it on the bottom (aft).
After the fairing compound cured I sanded. Here you can see the first pass at the sprayrail fairing. Another view of the sprayrail fairing. Notice how much dust is sitting on the hull. I went up on the hull and sanded the other bottom half and the side. As expected, I'll have to mix up another batch of fairing compound and go through another round of sanding.

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